Which is the best kitchen knife for the money

No person is prepared to spend more than $500 on some pieces of knives. But what if you were told that they are worth the price? wouldn’t you want to buy them then?

My Search for A Good Knife Set

I had a lot of trouble choosing knife sets when I moved out of my parents’ house. I have had more than five knife sets in my kitchen since I started living on my own. Replacing the knives wasn’t a big deal for me because I got the knife sets at a very good and affordable price. The main issues I had with my knives was either the blades getting blunt too fast or the handles breaking off. So I was in dire need of a change.

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My first change was to stop buying knives I knew little about. I decided to do some online research before planning to buy the best kitchen knife. I searched for the best rated knife sets in the market and from my search, I got 10 top knife sets. I narrowed down the number by reading customer reviews on the brands and knife sets as well. I choose the knife set that had the highest rating and best customer reviews. I learnt how important reviews were the hard way. The fifth set I bought barely lasted four weeks.

I visited the nearest retail stores to find out. I found out that the prices were significantly higher than getting the knife set online. For this reason, I decided to get the knife online. The knife set arrived after 3 days and it was in perfect condition. I have been using the set for more than 3 years now without any problems. I am so glad I put some effort and time to search for the best kitchen knife set. It might have cost me more than the previous sets, but it was a worthy investment.

Popular Shun Knives

Shun is a season in Japan where specific foods and fruits reach the time of harvest. A moment of shun is considered to be one which is ready, perfect and fresh and this is what the knives are, just perfect. If you are planning to buy the best kitchen knife, then the shun knives are what you are looking for.

There are a lot of different shun knives sets and we will talk about a few of them which are rated highly by users. The first is Shun DMS300. It contains a paring knife 3.5 inch, chef knife 8 inch and utility knife 6 inch which is packaged in a kind of gift box. The box is really nice, in fact you can gift someone and they would think you actually wrapped it. The blades are high carbon and are resistant to rust.

Shun Kitchen Knife Precision

One thing to be aware of when it comes to the shun knives, never use them on joints, bones or even frozen foods. They are not made for those kinds of tasks. For chopping bones, its recommended to use the Shun Meat Cleaver. To avoid wearing them off fast, try and use them correctly, as it should be on a daily basis, not only sharpening the blades. Avoid also storing them just anywhere, after using them, return them to their box set.

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